If you like working with your marketing data in sheets, Funnel just made it even easier! 

No more headaches when trying to get all of your data into sheets in a timely fashion. Funnel does the heavy lifting for you and delivers your data as one unified data set. All in perfect harmony, ready to be used. 

Data from all marketing and advertising platforms to Google Sheets

Funnel collects data from all marketing and advertising platforms, which can then be exported and visualized in Google Sheets. With connections to over 500 data sources, Funnel will be the last connector you’ll ever need. If you’re unable to find the platform you use out-of-the-box, you can request a custom integration.

How it works

Add your accounts to Funnel

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Export to Google Sheets

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Create reports 

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Benefits of using Google Sheets and Funnel


Streamline data exports

Forget about going into each platform you're marketing on to download the data. Simple as that - you no longer have to do this step. Awesome, right?


Unified data set 

Forget about pulling data from a thousand different tabs, then inputting excel lookups and formulas. With Funnel your data is mapped and ready to be used.


No more broken formulas & reports 

All of the work is done in Funnel, so no more stressing over a broken formula that takes down the whole report. And no more time wasted on fixing it in sheets.


Data is up-to-date

Funnel makes sure the data in your sheets is always up-to-date. So you no longer have to re-download data to get new insights - the data will be there waiting for you to analyze it.