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Welcome to the Future of Measurement

INCRMNTAL is an always-on marketing incrementality measurement platform which does not rely on user level data.



Funnel helps you connect, store, organize, and share your marketing data to achieve your goals.


Funnel helps you connect, store, organize, and share your marketing data to achieve your goals.


Privacy Led Measurement

Measure the marketing performance of your channels, campaigns, and ad groups, not relying on user level data.


Easy Integration

Connect between Funnel and INCRMNTAL within minutes. Pull data from INCRMNTAL back to Funnel to create holistic views.


AI Powered Actionable Insights

INCRMNTAL measures the most significant marketing activities and ships recommendations directly to you.


Always On

The only incrementality measurement platform which does not require geolift or user experiments.

How to connect INCRMNTAL

How to connect INCRMNTAL


Step 1 - Add a Data Warehouse export
Using Funnel, you can define a simple export to share the data you want with INCRMNTAL.

Step 2 - Define the S3 destination
INCRMNTAL creates a dedicated S3 bucket for you, completely isolating your data.

Step 3 - Define the metrics you want to share
INCRMNTAL does not require any user level data. Simply set the parameters required and create the flow.


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“Before making any decisions we conducted rigorous validation tests over INCRMNTAL. We compared the platform to our own analysis, 3rd party solutions, and we even challenged the platform by onboarding fake spend data. The platform passed every test we ran it through.

Tim Kurtz
VP Growth Marketing, Self Financial

"Using INCRMNTAL we were able to get insights about the incremental impact that a holiday like New Year's Eve had on our metrics. This year we will be validating and bringing those insights to action in our ads budgeting strategy.”

Anton Bugaev
Data Analyst, Bolt

Collect all of your advertising data in Funnel

With Funnel, the possibilities for data integration are virtually limitless. Unlock the full potential of your data.


By using INCRMNTAL, companies are able to evolve their marketing measurement from the counting of clicks to measuring value.