All your marketing data directly from Funnel into Microsoft Azure

Send all of your marketing data from Funnel into Microsoft Azure. 

All you have to do is connect your marketing data to Funnel, set up a Blob Storage with write access for Funnel and enable the export.

Check out our documentation.

Send your data to Microsoft Azure in 3 simple step


Link all of your platforms with Funnel. Choose from over 500+ marketing and sales platforms.


Get Business-Ready Data

Clean & transform while preserving raw data.

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Send to Azure Blob Storage

Create high-frequency scheduled exports.


Benefits of using Microsoft Azure and Funnel


Automatic scheduled exports

Get your data sent to your Microsoft Azure Blob Storage anywhere from hourly to once a day - it’s up to you! Schedule your export directly from Funnel.


Raw data & cleaned, prepped data

Send your cleaned and prepped data into your Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, ready to be analyzed. If you need your raw data with full granularity sent, you can do that too!


Automatic currency conversion

Converting all of the currencies you market in is a pain. Funnel takes this task off your hands so you have one less tedious task to do.


Historical data kept safe in Funnel

Funnel keeps all of your historical data safe. So if you need to re-export anything it’s not a problem! It’s just a few clicks away. And if you ever need to switch up your stack, Funnel has got you covered.