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2performant 2Performant
360 360
7pixel 7Pixel
acton Act-On
aduptech Ad Up Technology
ad2games Ad2games
adaction AdAction
adcolony AdColony
adform_api Adform
adgeartrader Adgear Trader
ADJUST Adjust Salesforce Marketing Cloud
adjust Adjust
admarvel Admarvel
admitad Admitad
adobeanalytics Adobe Analytics
adrecord Adrecord
adroll AdRoll
adservice Adservice
adspreemedia AdSpree Media
adtraction Adtraction
adviral Adviral
adwords AdWords
adzuna Adzuna
affiliatewindow_api Affiliate Window
affilinet_api Affilinet
fluent Affluent
allani Allani
AMAZON Amazon Salesforce Marketing Cloud
amazonadvertising_api Amazon Advertising
applesearchads_api Apple Search Ads
applift Applift
applike AppLike
applovin_web Applovin
appnexus_api AppNexus
APPNEXUS AppNexus Salesforce Marketing Cloud
apprl Apprl
appsflyer AppsFlyer
apsis Apsis
AWIN Awin Salesforce Marketing Cloud
awin Awin
baidu Baidu
bamx Bam-X
band Band
basisdsp Basis DSP
belboon Belboon
bencom Bencom
beslist Beslist CPC
beslist_web Beslist CPS
biano Biano
bidtheatre_api BidTheatre
bing Bing
brightrolldsp BrightRoll DSP
bronto Bronto
button Button
cake Cake
CALLRAIL CallRail Salesforce Marketing Cloud
capterra Capterra
ceneo Ceneo
channelpilot ChannelPilot
chartboost ChartBoost
cherchons Cherchons
choozle Choozle
cjaffiliate CJ Affiliate
clicksend ClickSend
commissionfactory_web Commission Factory
communicationads communicationAds
comparer Comparer
compari Compari
connexity Connexity
conversant Conversant Access
cordial Cordial
criteo Criteo
CRITEO Criteo Salesforce Marketing Cloud
crossinstall CrossInstall
dable Dable
daisycon_api Daisycon
datalift360 DataLift360
daum Daum
deltaprojects Delta Projects
deltaprojectssting Delta Projects Sting
derbysoft DerbySoft
DIALOGTECH DialogTech Salesforce Marketing Cloud
dianomi Dianomi
digitalturbine Digital Turbine
domodi Domodi
doubleclick_bidmanager_api DoubleClick Bid Manager
doubleclick_campaignmanager_api DoubleClick Campaign Manager
doubleclicksearch DoubleClick Search
effiliation Effiliation
effinitymartech Effinity Martech
EMARSYS Emarsys Salesforce Marketing Cloud
emetriq Emetriq
emma Emma
evilia Evilia
eyereturn Eyereturn
facebookads Facebook Ads
facebookpages Facebook Pages
favi Favi
feathr Feathr
financeads FinanceAds
fuelx FuelX
fyber Fyber
gamned Gamned
geizhals Geizhals
getprice_web Getprice
glami Glami
GOOGLE_ADWORDS Google AdWords Salesforce Marketing Cloud
googleanalytics Google Analytics
GOOGLE_ANALYTICS Google Analytics Salesforce Marketing Cloud
googlehotelads Google Hotel Ads
googlesearchconsole Google Search Console
guenstiger Guenstiger
hasoffers_v2 HasOffers
heyzap HeyZap
hintaopas Hintaopas
hivewyre Hivewyre
ibillboard_web iBillboard
impact Impact
indeed Indeed
inhaus inHaus
inmobi InMobi
instagraminsights Instagram Insights
intentmedia Intent Media
iprice iPrice
ironsource ironSource
ironsourceaura ironSource Aura
jampp Jampp
jobrapido Jobrapido
kelkoo Kelkoo
kickback KickBack
kieskeurig Kieskeurig
klaviyo Klaviyo
ladenzeile_web Ladenzeile
leadalliance Lead Alliance
leguide LeGuide
liftoff Liftoff
linkconnector LinkConnector
linkedin_api LinkedIn
linkedin_organic LinkedIn Organic
linkprice LinkPrice
linkwise Linkwise
liquidm LiquidM
listrak_email Listrak Email
lockerdome Lockerdome
lyst Lyst
mailchimp_api MailChimp
manage Manage
marktplaats_api Marktplaats
match2one Match2One
mediamath MediaMath
meetrixonline Meetrix Online
metaio Meta I/O
mgid MGID
mitula Mitula
monetise Monetise
mybestbrands MyBestBrands
myshopping_web Myshopping
mytarget myTarget
najnakup Najnakup
netaffiliation NetAffiliation
nosto Nosto
okazje Okazje
olcsobbat Olcsóbbat
AOL_ONE One by AOL Salesforce Marketing Cloud
genericfile Other (File upload)
outbrain Outbrain
pagomeno Pagomeno
partnerads_api Partner-ads
partnerize Partnerize
pazaruvaj Pazaruvaj
pepperjamnetwork Pepperjam Network
perfectaudience Perfect Audience
performmedia Perform Media
performission Performission
plista Plista
postaffiliate Post Affiliate
powerspace Powerspace
pricepanda Pricepanda
pricerunner PriceRunner
pricespy Pricespy
prisfakta Prisfakta
prisguiden Prisguiden
prisjakt Prisjakt
profitmax ProfitMax
propelmedia Propel Media
pureshopping Pure Shopping
quantcast Quantcast
quora Quora
QUORA Quora Salesforce Marketing Cloud
rakutenlinkshare_api Rakuten Affiliate Network
rakutenperformance Rakuten Performance
recheckit ReCheckit
recruitnow RecruitNow
reddit Reddit
referralcandy ReferralCandy
rejoiner Rejoiner
remailme ReMailMe
remerge Remerge
revcontent Revcontent
rtbhouse RTB House
sailthru Sailthru
SALESFORCE Salesforce Salesforce Marketing Cloud
SALESFORCE_MARKETING_CLOUD Salesforce Marketing Cloud Salesforce Marketing Cloud
salestring Salestring
sanoma Sanoma
seznam Seznam
shareasale ShareASale
shenma Shenma
shopalike_web ShopAlike
shopbot Shopbot
shopello Shopello
shopify Shopify
shopmania Shopmania
shopping24_web Shopping24
simplifi Simplifi
SIMPLIFI Simplifi Salesforce Marketing Cloud
sizmekdsp Sizmek DSP
sizmekmdx Sizmek MDX
SIZMEK_MDX Sizmek MDX Salesforce Marketing Cloud
skapiec Skapiec
skrz Skrz
snapchat Snapchat
sociomantic Sociomantic
softwareadvice Software Advice
sogou Sogou
sourceknowledge SourceKnowledge
spotashop Spot-A-Shop
sravni Sravni
stackadapt StackAdapt
startapp StartApp
steelhouse Steelhouse
stileo Stileo
stylelounge Stylelounge
stylight Stylight
symplify Symplify
taboola Taboola
tapfiliate_api Tapfiliate
tapjoy Tapjoy
tapstone Tapstone
taptica Taptica
terminus Terminus
test_stahl Test Stahl
theaffiliategateway The Affiliate Gateway
THE_TRADE_DESK The Trade Desk Salesforce Marketing Cloud
thetradedesk The Trade Desk
publicideas TimeOne Performance
topcashback TopCashback
tracdelight Tracdelight
tradedoubler_api Tradedoubler
tradetracker_api TradeTracker
travelsupermarket Travel Supermarket
travelta Travelta
TRIPADVISOR TripAdvisor Salesforce Marketing Cloud
trivago Trivago
trovit Trovit
TUBEMOGUL TubeMogul Salesforce Marketing Cloud
tweakers_web Tweakers
twenga Twenga
twitterorganic Twitter Organic
ugiftideas uGiftideas
unityads Unity Ads
valuecommerce ValueCommerce
veinteractive Ve Interactive
vergelijk Vergelijk
vertaa Vertaa
vkads VK Ads
voluum Voluum
vungle Vungle
welovex We Love X
webgains Webgains
widerplanet Wider Planet
yahoo Yahoo
yahoo_japan_ydn Yahoo japan YDN
yandex Yandex Direct
yandexdisplay Yandex Display
yandexmarket Yandex Market
yandexmetrica Yandex Metrica
yelp Yelp
yiqifa Yiqifa
youappi YouAppi
zanox_api Zanox
zbozi Zbozi
zemanta Zemanta
arcedula Árcédula
arukereso Árukereső

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