With Funnel, you can analyze the performance of your Amazon Ads together with your other marketing channels. Below you’ll find the benefits of Amazon Ads together with a data tool like Funnel. We are very excited to be connected with the Amazon API and will be adding even more connections in the future. 

Why Amazon Ads?

Over 300 million people around the globe shop on Amazon and nearly 3 of every 4 of them use Amazon to discover new products or brands. Whether you as an advertiser are looking to target shoppers that are still in the awareness phase, consideration phase or ready to buy, Amazon offers insights from over 20 years of observed shopping activities in their store. Through audience insights you'll be able to target shoppers at the right time and place to drive the biggest impact.

If you want to reach customers that are shopping on Amazon all over the world, Amazon Ads is the place to go!


Why use Funnel to collect your Amazon Ads data?

While the Amazon analytics and reporting insights can take you pretty far, as your paid social strategy goes beyond Amazon, it may be hard to get a holistic view of your marketing spend. Your ad reporting will also become complex and time-consuming as you add channels to your marketing mix.

Oftentimes, you may want to move your Amazon data somewhere else rather than accessing it only within Amazon’s own platform. That's where Funnel comes in. 

Funnel automatically uploads all your data across marketing platforms and makes it ready for you to act on. Just think of the number of times you’d have to download data from your various platforms and put that data together to analyze - save yourself time by using Funnel.

Benefits of the Amazon Ads API with Funnel

Analyze your Amazon Ads performance

Analyze the performance of your Amazon Ads campaigns based on a number of different categories and report types.

Feed your Amazon Ads data into your data warehouse

Would you like to get all your Amazon Ads data into your data warehouse? We’ve got you covered. Funnel your data into any data warehouse in minutes.

Create custom dashboards with all your Amazon Ads data

Visualize your cross-channel ad performance by getting your Amazon Ads data into your data warehouse and then into your favorite dashboard. 

Cross compare Amazon Ads data with other advertising platforms

Compare the performance of your Amazon Ads campaigns to your other marketing channels.