LinkedIn Ads Connector

Connect LinkedIn Ads with Funnel to start collecting the data and store it. Then, transform the data in any way needed and automatically share it to tools like Snowflake, Looker Studio, Google Sheets and many other places.

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Funnel helps you to do reporting, build dashboards and better analyze data.

No more manual reporting

Tired of opening Excel or Google Sheets in one screen, and your data source in another? With Funnel, you don’t need to do any manual over typing of data anymore.

Combine metrics and dimensions

As a modern marketer, you manage multiple channels, budget and markets. Funnel makes it easy to combine data in the way that works for you.

Improve the performance of your campaigns

High data quality is essential to get the full picture of your marketing efforts. That way, you can improve performance, spend smarter and drive growth.

About this connector

Get better insights from your LinkedIn data

You run your best campaigns if you deeply understand their performance. Sometimes however, performance is not measured in the advertising platform alone. 

For a more complete picture, you want to combine data from LinkedIn with data from other sources. For example:

  • Other advertising channels and platforms
  • Your CMS or webshop
  • Your CRM 
  • E-mail marketing software
  • Google Sheets files (containing benchmarks or targets)


Funnel allows you to collect all data in one place, combine and analyze data, and share refined data sets to a data destination of your choice.

What metrics and dimensions can I get?

We have separate connectors for LinkedIn ads and for LinkedIn organic. From our LinkedIn ads connector, you can get all the advertising data you need - from clicks to video starts and external website conversions. For a complete overview of all metrics and dimensions you can get with our LinkedIn Ads data connector, please take a look at the knowledge base.

Benefits of Funnel

220+ robust data connectors

No more broken API’s or dashboards with our data connectors. We integrate with over over 220 marketing platforms out of the box, and we also build connections to other data sources on request.

Get support when you need it

With Funnel you can pick a plan that is right for you. Whether you use our support chat or have a dedicated customer success partner, we will make sure you get the most out of your data.

Historical data is always there for you

Funnel collects data from 2 years back and keeps it safe for you. So you can switch data warehouses, or any other aspect of your stack and never have to worry about lost marketing data.

A secure and reliable solution

Security and reliability is our number one priority. We’ve had 99.99% uptime during the last 3 years, are GDPR compliant, and are ISO 27001 certified.

Trusted by 1000+ of world’s most data-driven companies