Aggregate your affiliate marketing metrics in your reporting source of truth with Pepperjam’s Ascend Funnel integration. The integration enables you to automatically feed your performance marketing results into your Data Warehouse, BI solution or visualization tool.

Ascend™ Metrics & Dimensions

Our integration with Pepperjam Ascend™ supports the following metrics and dimensions:

Ascend™ Metrics

pepperjam metrics

Ascend™ Dimensions

pepperjam dimensions



Connect in minutes

Link your Ascend™ account to Funnel in three easy steps.

Make data-driven decisions

Combine your Ascend™ data into your reporting source of truth to calculate holistic portfolio results and make big-picture decisions.

Feed your data

Use the integration to connect your affiliate marketing data for automated imports into your BI Solution, Data Warehouse or Visualization tool.

Uncover actionable insights

Identify trends and insights that help generate your marketing strategy.

Example Dashboard


Report created in Google Data Studio.