Data Transformation

Your data, speaking in a way that makes sense to you

Why spend hours cleaning your data in a spreadsheet or writing line after line of code just to understand it, when you could be focusing on tasks that really create business value? It’s time for a change and we are ready to help!

Data Transformation

Let’s not make things harder than they need to be

Cleaning and transforming data manually is usually a very difficult and time consuming task. It requires a deep understanding of the platform you’re working with and on occasion, technical knowledge as well. It can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

Our data transformation tools are approachable to non-technical users and our expert team is always available and eager to help!

I know with certainty what’s driving our business results something you should be able to say at any point of the day, without having to prepare the data first.

Create rules in Funnel to automatically group and map your data so you’ve always got a clear overview of what’s working and what’s not.

“Why aren’t the fields from all of my platforms named consistently?”

“Cost” in Google Ads, “Amount spent” in Facebook, “Spend” in Twitter. It makes it pretty difficult to create an overview of how much we’ve actually spent in total.

Enter Automated Field Normalization! All of your key metrics, across all of your platforms, named the same and living in perfect harmony.

It’s time to get technical

Sometimes we need to get our hands dirty and really dive into the data to provide more clarity.

Lookups, regex and advanced calculations are all possible and allow you to enhance your data even further.

Technical whizz or not, you’ll feel right at home in Funnel.

Working in different markets with different currencies? We’ve got you covered.

If you’re advertising in different markets, the chances are you’re working with different currencies, but you probably only report in one.

Managing the ever changing exchange rates is a logistical nightmare. Say hello to automated currency conversions, it’s the future.

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“Really useful product and the support is absolutely phenomenal.”
Ben Beard, Account Manager
“Funnel has saved my life!”
Helena Giménez, Head of insights
ABA English
“Funnel gives me peace of mind and saves me multiple hours a week.”
Peter von Knobloch, Marketing Manager
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