Data transformation made simple

Prepare your marketing data the smart way.

”We are able to dedicate resources to higher-value tasks instead of building the data import solution ourselves.”

Mohammed Alrawi, Head of BI

Get business-ready data fast

To report on ROAS, ROI, and cross-channel performance you need to prep your data correctly. Funnel makes that easy.  Use Funnel's powerful rules to get all your data in shape. All done in a flash!

Standard rules

Use our pre-built rules and logic to quickly make your data ready for the most common analysis.


Set standard naming conventions for dimensions and metrics, like cost.


Map or combine traffic sources.


Segment your data by product sold or market.

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Custom rules

Create your own rules to segment your data based on your specific needs without writing a single line of code. Combine data or create custom metrics to answer the questions you want to ask by using our point-and-click data prep toolbox.

Some common use cases:


Add affiliate or agency commission to your overall cost.


Fix your messy campaign names.


Extract UTM values for more granular reporting.

3 Custom rules

Automatic currency conversion

Working with multiple currencies can be a pain. Funnel automates currency conversion to enable side-by-side comparison across platforms and markets. You can also use your exchange rates based on how you run your business.

Automatic Currency Conversion@2x

Explore your data

Funnel’s Data Explorer makes it easy to do ad-hoc analysis, create a quick report you can download or export with just a click, or explore the data as you prep it.


Your data always there, ready to use

We centralize all your marketing data and keep it fresh, so you don’t have to think about it. Adding new platforms, changing CRM or data warehouse? Don’t panic! We store and keep all your original data so that you can always access and work with it.

With that out of the way, now it’s time to unlock insights. Use Funnel's transformation tools on top to get business-ready data fast. 

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Analyze your data where you want

Once your data is ready, send it to any visualization tool or data warehouse. Check out our destinations here.

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If you're a multi-market e-commerce player, you can't work without Funnel.

Patrik Segersven

Head of Paid Search & Analytics