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Funnel automates the generation of Business-Ready Data and reports to give marketers full control of their data and certainty about what’s really driving performance.

Digital Marketing

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Benefits for a Digital Marketer

Funnel doesn’t require any coding or manual maintenance, giving you point-and-click control to continuously experiment with new data sources, business logic and tactics without ever breaking the data model. For the first time, marketers can operate at speed without waiting on IT or business analysts to access the data they need.

Automated data collection

With access to over 500 out-of-the-box connections, connecting your sources to Funnel is a breeze. Click, connect and obtain all of your marketing data, in one place, and always up to date!

Business-Ready data at your fingertips

Automatically clean, map and segment your marketing data in a way that makes sense to you using Funnel’s powerful yet intuitive data transformation tools. Point and click your way to more meaningful data.

Your choice of visualization tool

We understand that marketers have different preferences and requirements when it comes to creating dashboards and reports. This is why Funnel doesn’t lock you in to a certain destination. Create reports and dashboards wherever you like.

No coding required

Not a developer? Not a problem! Funnel empowers the business user by removing the need for coding. Instead of submitting requests to IT for new integrations and mapping, connect and transform the data yourself in minutes.

World-class Customer Support

Don’t go it alone! Our customer success team is available for consultation and creative problem solving. Help is always at hand!

  1. “Funnel gives me peace of mind. I have full control of advertising spend across all my ad channels and it saves me multiple hours a week.”

    Peter von Knobloch
    Marketing Manager

    “It’s a really cost effective and time saving solution that makes all of our digital reporting data accessible to the whole Businessness.”

    Nathalie Landron
    Head of Marketing,
    Scalable Capital

    “Funnel saves us 8-10 hours per month and has allowed us to eliminate up to 60% of our marketing costs in specific areas.”

    Anwar Ayad
    Online Marketing,

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More time for analysis and campaign optimization

Creating marketing reports can be demanding, with hours spent on data gathering and cleaning. These manual tasks are exhausting and take time from what really generates value. Funnel's Data Core automates the boring part, so you can focus on finding actionable insights in your data and optimize your digital marketing activities.

Unlock new metrics and dimensions by centralizing your marketing data

There’s only so much you can report on when your marketing data lives in different silos. By using a Data Core like Funnel to centralize your marketing data, not only can you start reporting on ROAS, ROI and cross channel performance, but these reports are also generated automatically!

Save time by normalizing fields and automating currency conversion

Tired of manual transformation and mapping in spreadsheets? Let Funnel take care of the heavy lifting for you. With common metrics and dimensions normalized, currencies automatically converted, and the ability to create your own custom fields, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without Funnel.

Benefits across the marketing department

Digital Marketing Managers

  • Dashboards automatically updated for efficient client reporting.
  • No more data silos or manual data collection.
  • Empower the whole team with business-ready data.

Performance Marketing

  • Analyse performance across all channels with a single solution.
  • Easily create metrics and dimensions that make sense for your KPIs.
  • Understand how your different platforms work together towards your goals.
  • Get a complete overview of all your marketing efforts.

Marketing Analytics

  • Data harmonized and normalized automatically. No more stitching.
  • Preserve full data granularity.
  • Send the data to the destination of your choice: Data Visualization, Sheets, BI solutions, and more.

Business Intelligence

  • Modular integrations with all major data warehouses and BI tools.
  • Simple implementation. Get the data flowing in minutes.
  • Send the data to multiple destinations simultaneously. Each team can use their preferred tool.

Start automating the reporting process today!