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Meet Funnel, the most efficient data integration platform

Looking for a Fivetran alternative? Find out why Funnel is the number 1 choice for anyone extracting marketing and sales data and moving it into their data warehouse or reporting platform. Discover the differences between Fivetran and Funnel. 


Why Funnel is a game changer for marketing data

Connect any marketing platform

Funnel offers more than 500 connectors, ensuring that there are no gaps in your reporting.

Built for marketing data

Funnel leverages pre-built connectors with defined schemas to seamlessly aggregate data from various sources and platforms, enabling efficient and unified data analysis while eliminating the need for manual data wrangling.

Vast destination library

Funnel expands beyond data warehouses, offering seamless integration with popular reporting platforms like Looker Studio, Tableau, and PowerBI, as well as direct exports to Google Sheets and Excel.

Efficient data handling

Prepare your data in Funnel, and share it with your favorite tools as one data source or table, improving your report performance and accuracy, and decreasing clutter and computation costs.


The users have spoken

Find out why Funnel has a 4.5 rating on G2 from 140+ reviews


joe v
Joe V.
Full Star
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Full Star
"A truly reliable data warehouse tool for enterprises"

I've used other tools in the past, and nothing has been as seamless, smooth, and trustworthy as Funnel.

Reese G
Reese G.
Full Star
Full Star
Full Star
Full Star
Half Star
"Highly flexible tool with clean UI"

BigQuery exports from Funnel are incredibly smooth. We've been exporting data from hundreds of data sources to BigQuery for a number of years now, and never had an issue with Funnel's export.

Andrew S
Andrew S.
Full Star
Full Star
Full Star
Full Star
Full Star
"Funnel has become an integral part of our organization"

Funnel is intuitive and easy to use, with outstanding support for development of new connections. It's definitely the engine for our entire business intelligence suite.

Trusted by 2000+ of the most data-driven companies

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Why users love Funnel

Trusted across the world, by companies large and small.


Empowering data teams across the world

"Funnel has enabled us to move beyond a nitty gritty 'just get the data' kind of data team, and it's propelled us forward into finding better insights and delivering a better quality product to the businesses that we work with." 

Torrey Grant 
Associate Director of Business Analytics



How does Funnel improve your work with data?



Take center stage with dashboards that help you find the story in your data.



Plug the leaks in your budget with a marketing mix that delivers.



Don't put your data in a corner – get un-siloed data into your warehouse.

Flexible to your needs

Fivetran is a powerful tool for pure ETL purposes, but it requires technical expertise to fully leverage. Funnel, on the other hand, is appreciated by data teams and marketers alike for its user-friendly approach.

Funnel’s covers all your ETL-needs, whilst also providing a highly intuitive interface that simplifies the data integration process. Unlike Fivetran, which often necessitates a deep understanding of SQL and other technical skills, Funnel allows users to set up data pipelines without extensive coding knowledge. 


Empower your marketers

This ease of use is particularly beneficial for marketing teams who need to quickly access and analyze data without waiting for technical assistance. Additionally, Funnel offers extensive pre-built connectors and automated data transformation features, streamlining the workflow and reducing the time to insight. Its robust reporting and visualization tools further empower users to derive actionable insights from their data efficiently. 


Connect all your marketing data in a single hub

Funnel allows you to collect data from more than 500 marketing data sources.
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Concerned about making the move?



Get started for free

Funnel let’s you get started for free, no credit card required and no time restraints. This means that you can test out Funnel’s capabilities before making a decision. Sign up for free here


Need onboarding support?

We understand that migrating to a new reporting solution can be a daunting task. Funnel’s Business and Enterprise plans offer tailored onboarding and support so that you get to realize the full value of your Funnel investment.