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Looking for a Supermetrics alternative? Find out why Funnel is the number 1 choice for seamless data integration, advanced analytics, and user-friendly reporting, all optimized for better business insights.

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What actual users say about Supermetrics and Funnel


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Ibrahim E.
Full Star
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"Funnel is my favorite martech, by far, eats Supermetrics for breakfast"

Funnel is my favorite martech, by far, eats Supermetrics for breakfast. After using Funnel, I am able to extract all my favorite data and visualize it. Combine data, view everything in one place and build custom connectors. Just buy it. Simple as that.

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Benjamin E.
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"We previously used Supermetrics, which required internal developer support regularly"

We previously used Supermetrics, which required internal developer support regularly. New users can be trained on Funnel, very quickly.

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"Funnel makes my daily life easier"

Easy to navigate, fast support, so many connection options, currency management, multiple data export option


“We were relying on Supermetrics to feed Google Sheets, which we then transformed and connected to Looker Studio. The data refreshes were constantly breaking, and the process was not efficient at all.”

Director, Business Analytics




“The Supermetrics API used to go out all the time and would cause all of our reporting to crash. We would have to reconnect everything.”

VP of Media Management

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Trusted by 2000+ of the most data-driven companies

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Why Funnel is a game changer for marketing reporting

Connect any marketing platform

Funnel integrates with over 500 marketing platforms, ensuring that there are no gaps in your reporting.

Powerful data aggregation

Funnel automatically normalizes fields and currencies, providing uniformly formatted, aggregable, ready-to-analyze data

One data source to power your reports

Prepare your data in Funnel, and share it with your favorite tools as one data source, improving your report performance and accuracy

Why users love Funnel

Trusted across the world, by companies large and small.


From basic reporting to answering why

"Funnel has enabled us to move beyond a nitty gritty 'just get the data' kind of data team, and it's propelled us forward into finding better insights and delivering a better quality product to the businesses that we work with." 

Torrey Grant 
Associate Director of Business Analytics



How does Funnel improve reporting?



Quickly bring all of your marketing data together from any source.



Securely store all of your data in our centralized hub.



Transform raw data without code to automatically make it ready for analysis.



Visualize your data through customizable dashboards for reporting and KPI monitoring.



Easily collaborate and share your data with any team or tool.


Connect all your marketing data in a single hub

Funnel allows you to collect data from more than 500 marketing data sources.
Find yours below to get started.

Concerned about making the move?



Get started for free

Funnel let’s you get started for free, no credit card required and no time restraints. This means that you can test out Funnel’s capabilities before making a decision. Sign up for free here

Need onboarding support?

We understand that migrating to a new reporting solution can be a daunting task. Funnel’s Business and Enterprise plans offer tailored onboarding and support so that you get to realize the full value of your Funnel investment.


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