HubSpot Connector

Automatically combine data from HubSpot and all of your advertising platforms to obtain Business-Ready Data. Easily calculate return on ad spend, compare different markets and channels, generate better insights, and create a single source of marketing truth.

Benefits and Use Cases

Combine your marketing and sales data

Your marketing and sales data are the foundation for your business. Tie it all together automatically without coding or complex data solutions. Compare marketing channels to countries, regions and business segments and analyze this to make the best decisions for your business.

Sales analytics for sales operations

Drill faster and deeper into your sales data than in HubSpot’s own reports. Setup sales velocity measures, conversion rates and budgets, all in Funnel, which can then be sent to the destination of your choice or analysed in Funnel directly.

Adapt the data to your business

With custom dimensions, you can redefine your properties without relying on time-consuming workflows. Using simple rules, you can re-interpret the Hubspot Properties and change the data model as your business grows.

Full sales funnel overview

By merging acquisition platforms with CRM Data, you can have a complete view of your marketing funnel. From the first time a user comes to the website up to the closed deal.

Automatic exports

Spend your time on analysis and decision making, rather than manually fetching and organizing your sales data.

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How it works

Connect HubSpot to Funnel

And all of your other platforms to Funnel

Generate Business-Ready Data

Group HubSpot and advertising data

Send to any destination

Utilise the data in the tool of your choice

HubSpot Connectors & Fields

Funnel currently pulls data from the following HubSpot sources

For documentation and a list of fields, please click on the sources above

Empower the Whole Organisation

“The Hubspot Deals integration has been super helpful and the data is imported very nicely to Data Studio which is a huge plus.”

Laura, Account Manager,

Data Destinations

Utilize your Business-Ready HubSpot data in the tools and solutions of your choice

Business Intelligence

Dashboards and Reports

Google Analytics

Google Data Studio

Google Sheets