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Webinar minutes 

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 03:48 The current problem marketers face with data
  • 09:17 About Funnel
  • 12:53 About Looker
  • 17:54 Funnel + Looker as a solution
  • 18:59 Demo of Funnel


Watch Funnel,, and Looker in their discussion on the complexities around ad/marketing data, dollar spend, how to measure it, and how the deployment of the right tech can address the challenges head-on.

You will learn:

  • How to centralize all your marketing data sources in one location
  • Aggregate those data sources to get a complete view of marketing spend and performance
  • Make marketing data available and actionable to your organization
  • Become a data-driven marketing engine


There is no denying the fact that marketers in today’s digital world are overwhelmed with an abundance of data and the challenges that stem therefrom around complexity, formats, sources, silos, accuracy, and currency, to name a few.

For a marketing function to be impactful, it is absolutely critical to have a holistic view on marketing spend – so one can assess, track, monitor, and measure campaign performance and evaluate ROI.

Watch Looker,, and Funnel in this on-demand webinar as they illustrate how quickly and seamlessly, you can automate data collection and transformation across 100s of data sources into an easy-to-understand format for comprehensive spend and performance analysis.

Our MarTech experts will specifically showcase the new Funnel – Looker ‘Advertising Pulse’ block that provides an out-of-the-box view of metrics such as:

  • A dashboard of Advertising pulse – clicks, CPC, impressions, etc
  • Traffic source breakdown
  • Ad Spend over time
  • Top performing keywords
  • Cost per traffic source or cost per media type or campaign