About 3qtz

We are not just another digital marketing agency. Our positioning at the intersection of media agencies and consulting firms is unique. We leverage your expertise and our know-how to drive the growth of your business. We provide strategic consulting, digital media, data, and measurement services. We can place professionals within your organization to address your specific needs or train your employees on future challenges.

Active industries

  • Retail & brands
  • Travel & hospitality
  • Entertainment
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Financial services
  • Media
  • Telecom
  • Digital services

Specialised business areas

  • Business Intelligence
  • Dashboard Creation
  • Data Analytics and Measurement
  • Campaign Management
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Digital Marketing implementation
  • Performance Marketing
  • Marketing Mix Modelling
  • Multi Channel Attribution

Software expertise

Looker Studio
Google Sheets
Power BI
Google BigQuery
Google Analytics
Adobe Analytics