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About Acuto Automation Ltd

We create fully customized automation scripts, data warehouse solutions, and marketing feeds with data from multiple sources to supercharge your marketing campaigns. We’re a marketing automation agency run by developers with years of experience in PPC, paid media management, and data warehousing.


London, United Kingdom

Office locations

United Kingdom

Acuto’s expertise allowed us to take full advantage of Funnel’s marketing data hub to enable a budget pacing solution that allows deeper insights, reduces risk, and streamlines the process for client and agency teams alike.

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Active client regions

Asia, North America, Europe

Active industries

  • Digital marketing agencies

Specialised business areas

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehouse implementation
  • Dashboard Creation
  • Data Analytics and Measurement

Software expertise

Looker Studio
Google Sheets
Power BI
Google BigQuery
Google Cloud Storage
Google Analytics