About Digital Power

We are a congenial data consultancy tackling all data-related issues. We have extensive experience in different types of organisations, with all kinds of assignments, and are happy to share our knowledge with you. Is your challenge or issue new to us? Even if we have never done it before, we think we can do it anyway. How? As a data consultancy we have our many ways. We offer different services, products, and solutions. We do this paid or for free through our foundation. Anyway, we do it together, happily. From data to action.

Active industries

  • Data Consultancy

Specialised business areas

  • Data Warehouse implementation
  • Dashboard Creation
  • Data Analytics and Measurement
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Marketing Mix Modelling

Software expertise

Looker Studio
Google Sheets
Microsoft Azure
Power BI
Google BigQuery
Google Cloud Storage
Google Analytics
Adobe Analytics