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About UnNest

UnNest is a data marketing agency that helps companies deploy Modern Data Stacks on the cloud, implement advanced analytics implementations and make the most of its data, first to third party. Our Analytics Engineering team can help you deploy Funnel over a Modern Data Stack. We also have teams dedicated to digital analytics (GA/GTM/Piano/Piwik...), data visualization (Looker Studio), data engineering (GCP, AWS, Azure), data product ownership, marketing automation and CRM.

Active industries

  • Retail & brands
  • Travel & hospitality
  • Entertainment
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Financial services
  • Media
  • Telecom
  • Digital services

Specialised business areas

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehouse implementation
  • Dashboard Creation
  • Data Analytics and Measurement
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Digital Marketing implementation
  • Performance Marketing
  • Marketing Mix Modelling
  • Multi Channel Attribution

Software expertise

Looker Studio
Google Sheets
Amazon S3
Power BI
Google BigQuery
Google Cloud Storage
Google Analytics
Adobe Analytics