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Export Funnel data to SFTP

Written by Mark Tombs
Now you can export your Funnel data to an SFTP server! Just choose SFTP when creating a new export. This is especially useful for enterprise customers who have their own servers, or others that do not wish to have their data in a cloud warehouse...
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Column name options in BigQuery Export

Written by Peter Lundberg
Some users want column names that resemble the name they see in Funnel instead of a technical ID in BigQuery. There is now a new option in the Column names section that does just that. For example, choosing Safe Field Name would name the column ...
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Date comparisons in dimension rules

Written by Simon Fransson
It’s now possible to use less than and greater than operators in dimension rules. This is useful mostly for dates where one can now define two separate rulesets for data before and after some point in time. It is also possible to apply to any di...
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