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Filter fields with warnings

To make it easier to find fields with warnings, we've added a new checkbox to our fields list section, that allows you to only who warnings.

Country report for Sizmek Ad Suite

We've added a new report to our Sizmek Ad Suite connector. This will let you break down your reporting by Country and/or Country code. To get the Coun...

Improvements to the chart feature

To make it faster and easier to work with, we've made some improvements to the chart feature in Data explorer. Similar but improved look-and-feel We n...

AdRoll: Landing page

It's now possible to get "Landing page" for your AdRoll sources. To get it, connect a new Ad level report or reconfigure an existing one. What data ca...

AdWords (Google Ads): Custom Labels

We've added a new dimension to our AdWords (Google Ads) connector: Custom labels. It's available in the "Shopping Performance" report as an optional d...

Copying fields between accounts just became easier

For a while it's been possible to copy fields between accounts in Funnel – but a bit hard. Now that task has became a lot easier. To avoid confusing e...

Adform: Campaign End Date

It's now possible to see Adform "Campaign End Date" in Funnel. It's available in the Media Banner report.What data can I get from Adform?

Google Analytics – Exit rate

Funnel's Google Analytics connector now supports the metric "Exit rate". "Exit rate" is a calculated metric (Exit rate = Exits / Page views). The fiel...