New Google Search Console Connector

October 23, 2018
1 minute read

We have recently released a new integration with Google Search Console, which will allow you to import your SEO data into Funnel!

This new integration allows you to monitor your site’s presence in Google Search results, in Funnel. It's also easy to enrich your data with data from different marketing sources to give you the full picture.

In order to start taking advantage of this new connection, all you need to do is connect it in the same way you would with any other data source:











Here's a list of fields that are currently supported by this data source:


[Dimension] Country
[Dimension] Device
[Dimension] Page
[Dimension] Query


[Metric] Clicks
[Metric] Impressions
[Metric] Position
[Metric] Total Position

We hope you find this new data source useful. If you're unable to find the field you need in the list above, please contact