Pipedrive, Magento, and HubSpot - Core Connector updates for June

Last updated Jul 3 2023 1 minute read

New fields and Connectors have been added to Pipedrive, Magento, HubSpot and more! Here we present our Core Connector update for the month of June. 


We have released both Pipedrive Leads and Pipedrive Activities as new Connectors, complementing the Pipedrive Deals Connector that was launched recently.

To find out more about our Pipedrive Connectors, we have gathered the information in this article



New fields have been added to Magento:

- Line Item Product ID
- Order Split Type
- Line Item Original Price
- Line Item Row Total 
- Line Item Row Total (Including Tax)
- Customer Email


Hubspot Custom Objects

We have created a new Connector for HubSpot: Custom Objects. It allows you to fetch any custom object you have in your HubSpot CRM system. To read more, click here.


Perform Media

We have added new optional dimensions to Perform Media:

- Ad Title 
- Conversion Event 
- Country Code
- Mobile Carrier



We have added the following new metrics:

- Total Page View 
- Total Landing Page View
- Total Form Submission (Onsite)



Pinterest has been updated with the possibility to include a Targeting Breakdown such as “region”, “gender” or “age bucket”. Targeting breakdown is available for all levels. Read more here.



We have added the following metrics:

- Sales Offline Post-Click 30d 
- Sales Offline Post-View 24h


Amazon Selling Partner

For Amazon Selling Partner, we have added the new field Adress Type.



We have added the new field Email to the WooCommerce connector.


Tune Network

We have added a new report type to Tune Network, Conversions Report, which downloads data for each conversion and has a vast list of new fields. You can find all fields in this article.

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