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DerbySoft – Impression share

Written by Johannes Andreasson
Funnel's DerbySoft connector now supports the metric "Impression share". The metric is optional and can be selected on connect. Go to our knowledge base for a full list of supported dimensions and metrics.
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Topics: New Fields , DerbySoft

DerbySoft - New dimensions

Written by Gustav Karlsson
Our connector for DerbySoft has received an update with support for two more dimensions: Campaign and Check in day of week To see a full list of available dimensions and metrics you can have a look through our What data can I get from DerbySoft?...
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DerbySoft - field changes & reconfigurability

Written by Gustav Karlsson
To accommodate for recent changes in the DerbySoft platform we have made a couple of updates to the connector in Funnel.  Updates include: addition of new fields deprecation of existing fields a new connect flow to express incompatibility betwee...
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Topics: New Fields , Connector update , DerbySoft