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Google Search Console: New search types

Written by Johannes Andreasson
Funnel's Google search console connector has been expanded with "Discover" and "Google News" search types. What data can I get from Google Search Console?
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Topics: New Fields , Google Search Console

Filter on Search Type with Google Search Console connector

Written by Sven Hamberg
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The Google Search Console connector now lets you filter on Search type when creating a new data source. Prior to this update, the connector would always return data filtered to search type "web". You now have the option to decide whether to pull...
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Topics: Connector update , Google Search Console

Google Search Console - Connector update

Written by Emma Bertilsson
We now allow you to add query filters when connecting a Google Search Console data source.  This has been requested from our users and will help you get an accurate data set and be able to filter out data that you don't wish to have in Funnel.  ...
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Topics: Connector update , Google Search Console