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  1. “Funnel is great and it’s very hard to replicate what it does. I'm grateful for all the work that’s behind it.”

    Bruno Alcantara
    Programmatic Media Director,
    Mais Clicks

    “Thanks to Funnel, our Analytics team is able to provide complete, unified and quality data to our Marketing team for company level reporting.”

    Dominika Čamajová
    Data Analyst,

    “Funnel has allowed us to do more with fewer team members and fewer hours.”

    Greg Dionne
    Digital Marketing Manager,
    Reed Exhibitions

    “Funnel has streamlined everything. It’s tidy, easy to use and reliable. It’s definitely an improvement from our previous setup.”

    Kate Belford
    SEM Manager,

Get control of your marketing data

With Funnel, you've got all your data in one secure place, nicely stitched together. When it reaches your reporting tool or data warehouse, it's clean and ready for analysis.

Collect all your marketing data

Connect all your data sources in minutes. Funnel integrates with 500+ data sources. Something missing? We'll build it - that's our guarantee.

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Making marketing data business-ready

Clean, group, and map your data the easy way.

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Data where you need it

Whether it's Google Data Studio, Sheets, a data warehouse, or any other solution, we put the data where you need it.

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Utilize your marketing data anywhere

Funnel integrates with your existing tools, feeding Business-Ready Data to any data destination of your choice.

Benefits across the organization

Hear Seedrs CMO Ben Aronsten explain how Seedrs used Funnel to improve their business objectives by 30%