Funnel named Snowflake Marketplace Partner of the Year

Published Jun 15 2022 Last updated Jun 15 2022 1 minute read

Stockholm, 14 June 2022 — Funnel today announced that it has been named the 2022 Marketplace Partner of the Year - SaaS award winner by Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. This award was presented this week at Snowflake Summit 2022 ‘The World of Data Collaboration’

Funnel was recognized for the company’s achievements as part of the Snowflake Data Cloud, helping joint customers to collect, clean and group all their marketing data, and then return this data automatically into Snowflake via Data Sharing. As a Snowflake Marketplace partner, Funnel provides accurate and up-to-date data, which can be shared securely and can be easily combined with other company data. The award reflects the strong partnership between the two companies and the benefits for its joint customers.  

“The partnership between Funnel’s Marketing Data Platform and Snowflake’s Data Cloud has allowed joint customers that are global digital leaders to optimize their digital marketing performance. Thanks to our close collaboration and robust integration of the two platforms, marketers can now easily tap into the power of Snowflake”, said Adam Blomberg, VP of Product Marketing and Partners at Funnel. “We are very happy to accept this award, as proof of the value the solution brings to our joint customers.”

We’re proud to announce Funnel has been named as Snowflake’s Marketplace Partner of the Year - SaaS,” said Kieran Kennedy, Head of Snowflake Marketplace. “Snowflake’s strong partner ecosystem and vast data resources on Snowflake Marketplace are foundational to our mission of enabling every organization to be data-driven. Together with Funnel, we can help organizations across industries better find, share, activate, and unlock  data for business value.”

Learn more about Funnel and Snowflake here

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