The Data team in Havas Media Netherlands is aware of the reporting and data demands of its clients. They’re a team with a fair share of experience in dashboarding and reporting services. Being a small team, they need to find a set of tools that allow them to be as flexible and quick as their client base expects them to be, with automation in mind.

The Challenge

Prior to discovering Funnel, Havas Media NL used a local specialized tech solution partner. With connections to a number of data sources and features to harmonize and join data, they were able to automate data collection and ultimately speed up and improve the quality of their client’s reports.

However, after a period of use, Havas Media’s Data Analysts ran into limitations of their custom platform due to changing demands. The constantly increasing number of media and marketing platforms to pull the data from required flexibility and speed in adding new connectors, and the existing manual and long process of requesting and adding new connectors was not a scalable option anymore.

Rigid data exports

Another bottleneck for the team was the frequency of data exports and the time each took to have the data delivered to the clients. The data exports were able to be scheduled to run once per day and Havas needed to contact their tech solution partner each time they wanted to change the schema or export additional fields.

This situation caused a significant delay in the reporting process. Havas knew at this point that they needed to find a more robust, flexible, and established solution.

The Solution

Havas Media Group Netherlands’s marketing reporting stack



“With Funnel, I can connect a marketing platform, export and analyze the data, and start creating reports within 30 minutes.” - Juriën Calis, Data Analyst

Funnel’s Customer Success Managers, Product Specialists, and Developers worked closely with the Havas team and helped them configure their marketing stack. Havas was having difficulties finding a data warehouse solution that would work seamlessly with their visualization tool, but Funnel was able to identify a solution. Their client's marketing data was automatically collected by Funnel and sent to S3 as a CSV, before creating scheduling exports to Amazon Aurora, transforming the data in SQL, and feeding the business-ready data to Klipfolio.“The onboarding was quick, straightforward, and a really positive experience in general. Specific questions were answered quickly and if needed, someone at Funnel with specialized expertise would jump on a call to discuss it in more detail.” - Juriën Calis, Data Analyst

All the marketing platforms that their clients utilized were available out-of-the-box, which meant that Havas could connect their client’s marketing platforms to Funnel within minutes, without any technical assistance.

Flexible and reliable data exports

If they need to change the schema or export certain fields, all they need to do is log in to Funnel, make the changes and select the fields they need. This is achieved within minutes and they can see the changes in their data warehouse every 6 hours instead of every 24.“Funnel gives me complete control of all the data, the export configuration, and allows me to manipulate the data in the majority of ways I need” - Juriën Calis, Data Analyst

More time for higher-value activities

Now that the Data Analysts at The Netherlands branch have saved time with data collection and exports, they have the time to experiment with new automated client dashboards and explain the content in greater detail. They also have time to create custom dashboards for internal reporting, which they simply didn’t have the capacity for when using their previous solution.

Client facing value

Speeding up the data collection and export process has also been beneficial for Havas’ clients. They now have next to real-time access to updated statistics in their data warehouse every 6 hours. They also receive more detailed insights on the performance of media campaigns since there’s more time for data analysis.

Business benefits

Before Funnel

Automated data collection was limited to a few marketing platforms

It took up to 24 hours to create a new connection or activate new credentials

Need to rely on 3rd party assistance to connect to a new platform and update the export schema

Data exports happened only every 24 hours

4-8 hours extra spent per week on data transformation

After Funnel

Automated data collection supports 500 plus marketing platforms

Less than 5 minutes to create a new connection or activate new credentials

Self-service ability to connect to a new platform and update the export schema

Data exports happen every 6 hours

4-8 hours saved per week on data transformation

Funnel interviewed


Juriën Calis
Data Analyst
Havas Media Group Netherlands