“Funnel has allowed us to easily group all data from our paid media channels and make it quickly accessible for the development of dashboards. It has helped us to visualize the data points we want to use to effectively make better marketing decisions.”

- Kevin Penne - Marketing Automation Specialist, Van de Velde

Executive summary:

Van de Velde revitalized its ROI analysis and significantly cut costs by partnering with Artefact and Funnel. The project automated data processing, streamlined reporting, and laid the groundwork for future data-driven decisions.

Key results:

  • Achieved a 19% reduction in annual cost for data processing within the first year.
  • Forecast a 49% reduction in annual costs compared to manual data processing.
  • Freed up 40% of Artefact's time, allowing for investment in other value-added services for Van de Velde.

Company profile:

Van de Velde is a premium lingerie and swimwear company based in Schellebelle, Belgium. The company operates several brands including PrimaDonna, Marie Jo, and Andres Sarda. They are supported by digital consulting firm & Funnel solution partner, Artefact, for optimizing their digital marketing efforts.

Partner profile:

Artefact is a global consultancy specializing in data transformation and digital marketing. With 19 offices in 16 countries, Artefact serves some of the world’s largest brands including Samsung, L’Oréal, and Sanofi.

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The challenge: Navigating complex ROI metrics

Van de Velde's strategic partnership with digital consulting agency Artefact primarily focused on both branding and performance marketing. Although they collaborated closely on various fronts, Artefact realized there was a glaring gap in their capabilities for ROI analysis. The existing reporting and analytical tools were insufficient for breaking down key performance indicators like cost per action (CPA) or return on ad spend (ROAS). As a result, both companies were flying partially blind when it came to understanding the real impact of their marketing investments.

This gap posed serious concerns because it meant that data-driven decision-making was hampered. Without clear ROI metrics, it was difficult to assess the effectiveness of individual marketing channels or campaigns. This lack of clarity could potentially lead to inefficient allocation of marketing budgets and suboptimal strategic decisions.

The solution: Cost-effective, fast, and reliable data automation

Initially, Van de Velde and Artefact considered building a custom, bespoke solution to automate data import into Google Analytics. While this approach could potentially offer some levels of customization, they quickly recognized that it would also require a dedicated team to not only build but also continually maintain the solution. Such an undertaking would include constantly updating APIs, managing custom connections, and more—ultimately incurring both significant upfront and recurring costs.

Artefact, being a Funnel Solution Partner, brought a smarter solution to the table. They recommended Funnel's marketing data hub, which could quickly integrate all of Van de Velde's performance marketing data at a much lower cost than the alternative bespoke solutions. Moreover, Funnel's robust library of connectors meant that they could automate data flow from a wide variety of platforms, such as DV360, Campaign Manager 360, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Ads, and Microsoft Ads straight into Google Analytics. This automated setup drastically cut down the time-to-value, allowing both teams to focus on metrics and insights rather than data plumbing.

The results: A leap forward in data-driven decision making

Once Funnel was fully integrated, Van de Velde immediately noted a significant improvement in their reporting capabilities. Funnel’s seamless data integration enabled the creation of a new, more robust attribution model that presented ROI on a per-channel basis. This was a game-changer. Now, both costs and revenues could be analyzed in a unified view, offering much clearer insights into channel performance.

Gabriela Nedelcia, Marketing Consultant at Van de Velde, enthusiastically pointed out that Funnel isn't just solving their immediate needs but is also a future-proof solution. The automation Funnel provided has already led to a 19% decrease in Van de Velde's annual costs for data processing within just the first year. As more processes become automated, the company forecasts that these costs will be almost halved compared to their previous manual methods.

Moreover, the newfound time savings enabled Artefact to reinvest 40% of its previously allocated time into providing Van de Velde with additional value-added services. Both companies are now in the process of extending their use of Funnel, with plans to build performance dashboards in PowerBI that will automatically update and integrate budgets and targets.

“Partnering up with Funnel has enabled our team to efficiently connect advertising platform data with web analytics data, which allows our clients to easily derive channel performance insights directly from Google Analytics and make informed decisions about their future digital channel mix.”

- Daniel Ferreira - Manager Digital & Data Consulting, Artefact, Funnel Solution Partner

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Kevin Penne - Marketing Automation Specialist, Van de Velde


Gabriela Nedelcia - Marketing Consultant, Van de Velde

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Daniel Ferreira - Manager Digital & Data consulting at Artefact