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Discover AI-driven analytics and targeted actions for optimizing marketing across all channels. 

Sift Lab

Funnel & Siftlab

Combine your marketing & transaction (ERP) data on product and customer level to help you make the best marketing decisions to drive your business.

Funnel & Sift Lab

Combine your marketing & transaction (ERP) data on product and customer level to help you make the best marketing decisions to drive your business...


Easily Grasp Your Most Profitable Products

Think of Sift Lab & Funnel as a magnifying glass revealing the true value of your products. Uncover not just sales figures but the entire story - including lifetime value, trend ranks, and adjustments for returns and discounts. It’s like having an insightful advisor showing you which products are just popular versus those that are truly profitable in the long run.


Easily Grasp Your Most Profitable Relationships

Be able to instantly recognize which customers are your gold mines. Sift Lab & Funnel merge your data to spotlight those who bring the most value over time versus what they cost to acquire. In an instant, you can access all your customers personalized and manage their engagement journey in terms of what product to suggest at which time, in which channel. This approach ensures you're not just chasing immediate sales, but nurturing connections that pay off generously long term.


Easily grasp your channels true value

Compare results across all channels, paid and own, understand channel engagement for each segment and each order. Find true value of each channel, for example which purchases were attributed to Google when they actually were initiated by an email campaign. 


Turn Analysis into Action, all automated

By the push of a button, create AI-audiences from the analytics view, then automatically activate audiences in Meta, Google, web site or marketing automation tool. Think of it as your marketing detective work paying off. Agencies and marketers can now dive deep into data and come up with action plans that really boost their Return on Ad Spend. It's about making smarter moves, not just more moves.

How to work with Funnel and Siftlab

How to work with Funnel and Siftlab

Sift Lab

Step 1 - Connect data/ad platforms

Start by seamlessly linking your data and ad platforms to Funnel.

Step 2 - Organize and Map Your Data in Funnel

Organize your data in Funnel to make sure all your marketing and sales data are correctly structured and accessible. 

Step 3 - Share Insights with Sift Lab

After setting up your data views in Funnel, transfer this information to Sift Lab. This final step activates the analytical power of Sift Lab, turning your organized data into actionable marketing insights.

For detailed instructions follow this guide.


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“I have always wanted to actively reallocate marketing spend to products that drive real total profit, not just revenue or gross margin. But I have lacked a tool to efficiently identify and create a unified view on which these products are.

Now, I get the necessary insights for taking efficient data-informed actions to optimize the total profit / marketing spend ratio by focusing on the right products when combining Funnel data with ERP data in the Sift Lab platform, and the possibility to instantly act on this data."

Christian Jackson
Manager, Curamando

"We continuously strive to improve  our cost of sales. For example, we aim to enhance our email marketing efforts. By integrating Sift Lab with Funnel, we can understand at the recipient level how much of our email traffic translates into Google spend. Based on these insights, we can design email strategies to decrease total marketing spend while maintaining sustained revenue."

Erik Öjner
CXO, Nordic Nest

Collect all of your advertising data in Funnel

With Funnel, the possibilities for data integration are virtually limitless. Unlock the full potential of your data.

Why Sift Lab?

Sift Lab elevates your marketing with AI-driven insights by using your first-party data. It's more than just ROAS; it's about deeply understanding your customers, products and campaigns to make smarter decisions for sustainable growth.


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