Marketing data ingestion and transformation

The most efficient ETL solution

Unlike traditional ETL or ELT solutions, Funnel is made for marketing data. This means a faster setup, high data accuracy, and a more cost efficient data stack.


The optimal platform for Data Teams

Automate the collection of disjointed marketing data into your data warehouse with Funnel, allowing you to concentrate on uncovering and leveraging insights.

Gather performance data from 500 marketing, CRM, ecommerce, social media, and SEO platforms without development. And if you need more: Custom Connectors have you covered.

Intelligent data processing

Funnel understands the data it collects and processes. Schemas are standardized and data is refreshed automatically, intelligently adjusting to quota and rate limits of each platform. 

Seamless API management 

Funnel manages all API changes, including updates to newer API versions and the integration of new dimensions and metrics as they are released. Without messing up your data model.

Cost-efficient data handling

Let Funnel generate tables that are pre-aggregated, normalized, and adjusted for currency, reducing computation costs in your data warehouse. Efficient, and fast.

Funnel ETL

You need a Marketing Data Hub


Fully managed API connections ready to go

Effortlessly integrate and harmonize data from over 230 pre-built marketing connectors to supercharge your analytics and insights. Funnel removes the need for custom coding by building and maintaining API’s which ensures consistent data quality.


Automated data mapping
and stable schemas

Experience the ease of standardised data schemas that automatically organise disparate data sources into a unified format. This eliminates manual data wrangling, ensuring consistent, reliable, and ready-to-use data for all your analytical needs


Intelligent scheduling and optimized data freshness

Funnel's automatically schedules regular data refreshes and handles retroactive updates, ensuring data consistency and accuracy even as values change over time. Its robust error and quota management framework effectively handles errors, respects rate limits, and prevents disruptions, maintaining the integrity and continuity of your data pipelines.


Efficient and flexible
data output

Funnel lets you define the metrics and dimensions in each output table, ensuring only relevant data is processed. By intelligently exporting only new, updated or deleted data, Funnel drastically cuts down on redundant data volumes, leading to more efficient data handling and reduced computing costs in the data warehouse.

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