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SEO performance dashboard - templates and tips

Last updated: 16/08/2022

Learn about: 

  • Why do you need an SEO performance dashboard
  • What you should include in an SEO performance dashboard
  • How to take advantage of your SEO opportunity

SEO performance dashboards are crucial for taking advantage of your potential organic ranking.

If you have dashboards for paid activity - you should create them for organic too

It is common for modern marketers to have dashboards for paid marketing activity and maybe another for web performance. As a modern marketer, you probably also have a high-level overview dashboard that gives you the complete picture of your marketing efforts.

Most organizations use Paid Marketing dashboards to prove the value of marketing activity to managers and CMOs, understand the progress of marketing activity, or easily spot trends and correlations.

SEO optimization requires dashboards

SEO is measured, validated, and planned based on data points like Paid Marketing. To develop a data-driven SEO strategy, you need to see the whole picture to understand what is driving organic performance or what is hindering it. Achieving that understanding means looking at data from multiple platforms like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMrush or Ahrefs.

SEO dashboards are helpful for the entire organization

An SEO dashboard can show trends and indicate what could be beneficial for the company, like search volume on essential keywords, rising trends, or even insights into positioning your brand against the market.

Take a content team as an example; SEO dashboards can help them prioritize content to have more business impact.

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SEO data also allows you to create dashboards that help benchmark against competitors. This facilitates an overview of your ranking compared to those companies fighting for the same dollars as you.

Ultimately, it would help if you always thought of how you can leverage SEO. It doesn’t always have to be the primary objective of an initiative, but you should always consider it. Because if you consistently think SEO across your business, it will improve your organic power in the long run.


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