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Alexander Billington

Customer Success Manager at Funnel with agency-side digital strategy experience

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How to report on the See, Think, Do, Care marketing funnel

You can look at a marketing funnel in many ways, but the principle remains the same for your marketing strategy and how you structure your campaigns. 

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Solving your marketing reporting challenge when in-housing

Chief marketing officers worry they can't copy agency-like campaign reports when creating an in-house team. They also worry about productivity. How do you get the data from the many platforms you use without making it a manual process? How do you avoid developers creating bespoke connections to extract channel data? 

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Top 5 challenges when moving your digital marketing in house

Are you thinking about moving your marketing in house? Want to know how to avoid the risks?

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The pros and cons to in-house advertising

What does it mean to have an in-house advertising team?

For those unfamiliar with the term in-housing, I’m referring to the process of transitioning from outsourced fully managed marketing agency services to hybrid management - or in-house managed marketing. 

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