Feed marketing and advertising data into Looker

Power Looker with all your marketing and advertising data. Start uploading data in minutes.


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The easiest way to get data from all your marketing and advertising platforms into Looker

Funnel and Looker

Looker dashboards with all the data you need to track and monitor your marketing performance

How it works

Send marketing data into Looker in minutes

1. Connect

Connect your marketing platforms to Funnel with the click on a button

2. Transform to LookML

Auto-convert Funnel data schema to LookML

3. Feed

Store your marketing data using one of Funnel’s many data warehouse integrations

4. Use in Looker

Visualize your data in Looker



Data from all your marketing and advertising platforms at your fingertips.

Time to market

With Funnel you can start feeding data into Looker in minutes.

Data to LookML converter

Funnel automatically converts your data to Looker LookML.

All Data Sources

Feed data from any marketing and advertising platform into Looker.

The last data integration you’ll need

If you can’t find a data source you need in our library, request it and we will build it for you.

Tie marketing data with sales data

Map you sales and marketing data to track and analyze ROI, LTV, ROAS CPA etc. in Looker.

Data Warehouse Connectors        

Funnel integrates with all major data warehouses which makes getting started super easy.

Rebtel Case Study

Watch the webinar with Yi Li, Head of Acquisition

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Data sources

Data from over 500 marketing and advertising platforms