Marketing reporting

Achieve rock-solid reporting

Create automated, reliable marketing reports for clients, management or stakeholders.

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achieve rock solid reporting

Goodbye, “Sunday Scaries”

Rest assured knowing that your reports will be there in the morning, making your team more confident and ready to tackle every week. 

Monitor the metrics that matter

Funnel allows you to collect and work with the data that is relevant for your business. Either being CRM, ecom or any other data.

Managed APIs

We do all the hard work of responding to API updates across every platform so you don’t have to. You can just sit back, hit refresh, and be impressed.

Stored & Secure

Funnel constantly downloads and securely stores your data, meaning you always have the latest results at your fingertips without hiccups.

Harmony, now!

Make sure your data is all speaking the same language (literally and figuratively) with our built-in and custom transformation automations.

Funnel integrates with your favourite
reporting tools

Funnel integrates with your favourite
reporting tools

Let them have data — however, whenever



Give your leadership the numbers and insights they need to move mountains, in a dashboard built specially for them.




Channel specialists

Gain granular insights with channel-specific metrics, enabling specialists to fine-tune campaigns for maximum effectiveness.




BI team

Bridge the gap between marketing and BI teams by sharing actionable data that can be integrated into broader business analysis and strategy.




Client services team

Whether it’s for a weekly review or a campaign report, show clients the performance data that makes them say, “Wow.”



A marketing data hub makes reporting better

A great report or dashboard can do more than just present the latest numbers. It can show the value of your team’s efforts to clients and stakeholders. 

You need a Marketing Data Hub


Show exactly how your efforts are delivering against the business’ objectives. Funnel’s plethora of connections and transformation tools ensure that you’re delivering accurate insights, every single time.


With constant data downloads, you can analyze performance in real time, allowing you to adapt on the fly. Build a team culture that thrives on the ability to move with and speed.

Break through

Transform your organization into one that runs on data, leading to a business that can accurately measure past achievements and mark precise goals that will be reached in the future.

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