AdWords (Google Ads) - SKAN dimension and metrics

1 minute read Last updated Jun 23 2021
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Funnel's AdWords (Google Ads) connector now support SKAN Conversions and SKAN Conversion Value. 

Two new fields SKAN Conversions (metric) and SKAN Conversion Value (Dimension) have been added to the standard report.

What is SKAN?
SKAN stands for Store Kit Ad Network and is a new way to track conversions on iOS apps

Why is SKAN Conversion Value a dimension?
“Value” in this case does not mean monetary value. The SKAN conversion value is a number between 0 and 63 that each SKAN conversion is associated with. It is up to the app or the ad network to determine the meaning of the value, so the same SKAN conversion value may mean different things to different users.

How can I see SKAN data?
SKAN data is automatically included in all data sources using the standard report. Backfills may be needed for historical data. Note that all SKAN reporting is restricted to Campaign level, even if the data source is configured for Ad or Ad group.

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