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Data Explorer export to data destinations

Written by Kim Frithiof
It's now possible to go directly from a Data Explorer result to a scheduled export or visualisation tool. By using a Data Explorer View, you can now go directly from a Data Explorer result to creating a new scheduled export or a Data Studio/Powe...
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Topics: Data Explorer , Data destinations , Destinations

TikTok and Snapchat: Reach and Frequency made easier

Written by Emma Bertilsson
We've recently updated the TikTok and Snapchat connectors to make it easier to report on Reach and Frequency (non-aggregatable metrics) on a monthly and weekly level.  The update consists of two improvements that we're planning to implement on m...
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Topics: New Fields , Connector update , TikTok , Snapchat

Excel imports into Funnel now support multiple sheets/tabs

Written by Johan Hansson
When configuring a file import, it is now possible to import a .xlsx-file with multiple sheets or tabs in it. You are now able to pick the specific sheet/tab and base the configuration on that.
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Topics: File Import

Amazon Selling Partner data is now available in Funnel

Written by Johan Hansson
When it comes to e-commerce Amazon is a big player. So are you a vendor on Amazon or using the Amazon Ads connector and want to get a complete picture of all items sold? Consider looking into the new core connector for Amazon Selling Partner. Th...
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Topics: Amazon Selling Partner