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Facebook Ads - Connector updates

Written by Emma Bertilsson,
how many minutes?

 We have made some changes to the selections available when you connect a new Facebook Ads data source.

  • DMA Region breakdown can't be connected in combination with Video. This is a restriction from Facebook's end and we've previously allowed to connect with DMA Region even though the Video metrics could not be broken down on DMA Regions.
  • The metric 3 Second Video Views is imported when selecting the additional field group Actions and conversions rather than Video metrics. This was due to customer feedback and goes in line with Facebook's API documentation. 
  • Dynamic Creative Asset breakdowns will only import action metrics and exclude conversion metrics when selecting Actions and conversions. Facebook don't allow importing conversions in combination with this breakdown.

Neither of above changes affect the current data already imported to Funnel. These changes only applies when you are connecting a new Facebook Ads data source.

Please find the article What data can I get from Facebook Ads?  to read more or email any questions to, we're happy to help!