Import csv files to Funnel via email

Last updated May 25 2021 1 minute read

We've recently added new functionality to our already existing File uploader. You could previously upload files manually and now we made it possible to upload CSV files via email

This allows for more flexibility and if you, for example, want to import data in a  scheduled and automatic way, for instance from a platform we don't currently connect to, then this should hopefully make things smoother!

To try this out, choose either the File Import or Send or upload CSV files in the data sources list: 

Skärmavbild 2021-03-01 kl. 15.37.18Give the data source a name and choose to 'Send file via email'. Once this is done, you will receive a unique generated email address to which you or the platform of choice send emails to. Funnel will detect the email and the CSV file attached and import it. If there are other attachments in that email (e.g. images or text files), we'll ignore them and will only import data from the CSV file. 

This is what it looks like in Funnel: 

Screenshot 2021-02-18 at 13.12.27Please note that only CSV files are supported currently and that you can use both manual and email uploads to one and the same source. 

Please reach out if you have any questions or feedback! Find us at

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