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Data source selector in Data Explorer

1 minute read Last updated Dec 1 2020
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We have now added a Data Source selector in the Data Explorer, which makes it easier to filter and understand what data is available.

Skärmavbild 2020-12-01 kl. 11.37.15This selector will work as a filter and include the data of your choice. You can choose to include all data (default),  all data from a specific source type (Snapchat, Facebook, Google Analytics etc.), or data from a specific data source connected in your Funnel account.

In the example above, we've chosen to only include data from the Snapchat source called "Funnel Fan Franchise". 

We hope that this will serve as a tool to  understand where the data in Funnel originally comes from. If you have any feedback, please send us a message to We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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