Google Ads, Shopify and DV360 - February Core Connector updates

Last updated Mar 4 2024 1 minute read

We have added new fields to Google Ads, Shopify, Display & Video 360 and more! Here we present our February Core Connector updates.

Google Ads

We have added the metric Revenue to the Standard, Search Keyword and Shopping Performance reports.

We have also added these fields in the Standard and Search Keyword Reports on Campaign and Ad Group Level:

  • Search Top IS - Estimated
  • Search Abs. Top IS - Estimated
  • Total Eligible Top Impressions - Estimated
  • Total Eligible Absolute Top Impressions - Estimated


We have added two new derived metrics for e-commerce reporting:

  • Total Cost (COGS) - The cost of goods sold (COGS) per line item, multiplied by the Sales Quantity
  • Average Order Value - Total Sales divided by Orders

Display & Video 360 (DV360)

We have added the report level Advertiser, Insertion Order, Creative to the Reach and Frequency report in DV360.

We have also added a new optional metric called Completion Rate (Audio), calculated as Complete Listens (Audio) / Starts (Audio).

X (Twitter)

We have added these mobile conversion metrics:

  • Payment info additions Sale amount
  • Payment info additions - Post-view
  • Payment info additions - Post-engagement
  • Payment info additions - Order quantity
  • Payment info additions - Assisted


We have added the metric Time Duration reflecting the length of a video in the HH:MM:SS format.


We have added a new report called Click Performance, which enables you to analyze clicks on the Click URL level.


We have added the metric Average Order Value to the All Emails and Flows reports. 

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