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Google Ads, TikTok and GA4 - November Core Connector updates

1 minute read Last updated Dec 4 2023
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We have added new fields to Google Ads, TikTok and GA4 and more! Here we present our November Core Connector updates.

Google Ads
We have added the optional dimension Click Share to the Shopping Performance Report in Google Ads. When choosing this option these new fields are added to the report:

  • Click Share
  • Click Share — Estimated
  • Total Eligible Clicks — Estimated
  • Network (with search partners)

TikTok Ads
We have added Country Code as an optional dimension in the Basic report.

Google Analytics 4

We have added the field Landing page which does not include the query string.  

Also, these new SA360 fields are now available for GA4, located under the Traffic Source category:

  • Session SA360 ad group name
  • Session SA360 campaign ID
  • Session SA360 campaign
  • Session SA360 creative format
  • Session SA360 engine account ID
  • Session SA360 engine account name
  • Session SA360 engine account type
  • Session SA360 keyword text
  • Session SA360 medium
  • Session SA360 query
  • Session SA360 source

You can find all GA4 fields here. 

We have added Status fields for Campaign, Squad and Ad. Find all available fields for Snapchat here. 

A new report type in Hubspot Marketing Email for A/B Testing Performance is now available. This report gives you stats and metadata on A/B Test Emails sent from within HubSpot. Read more here. 

Zoho CRM
We have added a new Connector for Zoho CRM Contacts. Read more about the new Connector here.

Pinterest Organic
We have add the ability to filter the Analytics Overview report by Pin Format. Read more about the data you can get for Pinterest Organic. 

We have added the non-aggreagatable metric View Percent in all Delivery reports.

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