AdWords (Google Ads) - Changes to the Ad field for the Google Ads API version

1 minute read Last updated Aug 17 2022
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We have made some changes to the dimension "Ad" from our AdWords connector. If you do not use ad level reporting for AdWords, below changes will not affect you. 

These changes mainly concern users who use the "Google Ads API" setting for their data sources. If you're uncertain what API version you're using, you can check the data source description on the Data Sources page in Funnel.

Google has decided to separate names and headlines for different ad types into separate dimensions. The dimension "Ad" has therefore not worked properly for new data sources with the "Google Ads API" setting. For that reason, we will perform the following changes:

  • The existing field "Ad" will be renamed to "Ad (legacy)". It will still be used by data sources with the legacy "AdWords API" setting.
  • A new "Ad" field will be created to collect all different types of ad headlines and names in Funnel under a single dimension. This field will only be used for data sources using the "Google Ads API" setting.
  • Data sources using the "Google Ads API" setting will stop saving data to the "Ad (legacy)" field. The data will instead be saved as "Text Ad Headline". This goes for historical data in your data sources as well, meaning that the “Ad (legacy)” field will become empty and its contents will be moved to the “Text Ad Headline” field.
If you're currently using the "Ad" field in any exports or dashboards and have data sources with the "Google Ads API" setting, switch from using "Ad (legacy)" to "Ad" or "Text Ad Headline". These changes were made the 14th December. 
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