Funnel monthly product update, February 2021

Last updated Mar 2 2021 2 minute read

Easier and more powerful – that's the theme of the February product updates in Funnel.


It’s time again for the Funnel monthly product update!

At Funnel, our goal is to be more useful to you. Having recently joined the Funnel team, I would love to learn more about how you use Funnel – and what we can do to make it better! Please don’t hesitate to email me at

I’m also excited to announce that Ross, who has sent updates like this one before, is taking on an expanded role in our product team. Ross will lead the development of training resources and product documentation. Again, to make the product more useful to you! 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the product updates for February.


Adam Blomberg
VP, Product Marketing

Explore your data easier than ever

Once you have connected to your data, it’s time to explore it! The aptly named Data Explorer is then your best friend. In February, it has seen two updates to make it easier and more powerful to use.

First off, it has got some new smarts. Data Explorer now shows the columns that are most relevant to you, based on what data sources you have connected. As always, you can then change the view any way you like.

The second update adds a bit of additional power: Data Explorer now lets you filter the table for values of a metric. For example, if you would want to filter out campaigns with fewer than 100 clicks, you can now easily do this.

All new capabilities in February

  • Custom dimensions – split fields without using a regular expression
  • Custom metrics – summarize multiple metrics quickly
  • Data explorer – automatically adapts to your data sources, update of metrics filters 
  • Data guarantee – see the status of a data request, new form to capture your request more quickly

New and updated connectors and destinations

Data sources:

  • AdColony – increased robustness and new store ID field
  • Adform – option to reduce update frequency to preserve quota 
  • AppNexus – new site domain performance report
  • Biano – new conversion metrics
  • Facebook Pages – updated field names
  • File import – email csv files
  • Google Ads – improved “Ad” dimension, more flexible keyword dimensions, device dimensions available in more reports, click share metric, new click type dimension 
  • Google Trends – new category dimension
  • Impact – new ad name field
  • Indeed – company name and ID
  • LinkedIn – new fields available
  • New: Salesforce case history – brand new connector to retrieve case history (duh!)
  • Shopify – more data for Order reports, custom attributes for orders
  • Seznam – new adgroup report
  • TikTok – new payment data
  • TimeOne Performance – new name and new design
  • Twitter – new reach and frequency report
  • Twitter Organic – new user insights report
  • WooCommerce – billing and shipping dimensions
  • Yahoo Japan Search – new “share” metrics

Data destinations:

  • Google Data Studio – field name deduplication, new report template, manage and search views more easily
  • Google Sheets – improved export page, new scheduled export
  • Tableau – now offers to remember token

We hope that you've found these updates useful. If you have any questions or would like more information, please reach out in the app and we'll be happy to help!

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