Salesforce, Google Ads & Google Analytics - Connector updates for May

2 minute read Last updated Jun 5 2023
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Many new metrics, dimensions and source types have been added to Salesforce, Google Ads, Google Analytics and more - here we present our Core Connector updates for May 2023.

Google Ads

We have added the following fields to the Shopping performance report:

- Feed label
- Country of sale


What is also new to the Google Ads connector is that we have added the report level Asset to the Standard report type.

This level contains two new dimensions:

- Asset
- Asset type

To enable this, please connect a new source with standard report and choose report level Campaign, AdGroup, Asset.


Additionally, for the Standard report - Asset level, we have added the following fields:

- Ad type
- Ad ID

Another update is that the Asset field now gets populated for Headlines, Descriptions and YouTube video assets. 


Salesforce Sales Cloud

We have created a new source type Salesforce Opportunity Products, which complements the already existing Salesforce Opportunities. The new fields contain information to help you track what is selling and is only defined for orgs with products enabled as a feature.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud

New fields available to the Email Performance reports in Salesforce Marketing Cloud that enables you to see email events on row level:

- Subscriber key
- Ad ID


Amazon Selling Partner 

New fields 

We have added the following new fields to the Order Item Details report:

- Shipping tax
- Purchase order number
- Order invoice type
- Buyer requested cancel reason
- Price designation
- Is business order
-  Is buyer requested cancellation
-  Is IBA

Read more here.

Additionally, we have added the following fields to the Order report:

- Buyer email
- Buyer name

- Buyer county

- Company legal name

- Taxing region
- Purchase order number

Read more about these new fields here.


Google Merchant Center 

We have added a new dimension to the Product report: Country code.

We also have a new metric for the same report: Benchmark price. 


Google Analytics

We have a few new fields added to Google Analytics:

- Refund amount
- Item refund amount

- Bounce rate

Where Bounce rate is calculated from Sessions and Engaged sessions, and will be available for all data sources that already include these two metrics.



For the Order report, we have added the new field Order Total Refund


Pinterest Organic

For Pinterest Organic we are going from one to two report types, as described below:

- Top pins 
- Analytics overview

Read more about these reports here.



New fields to the Sales Transaction report have been added:

- Shipping city 
- Billing city


Yahoo Ad Tech

Dot rule is the latest dimension added to Yahoo Ad Tech. 



We have added a new report type called Conversions. Read this article to learn about what fields it contains. 


Shopalike (& Ladenzeile)

A new report type called Product has been added to our Shopalike/Ladenzeile integration. You can check out this article to learn about what fields it contains.

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