Simplifi, Adform and Idealo – our Connector updates for July

Last updated Aug 8 2023 2 minute read
Below are some of the reports and fields Funnel that have been added in July.
Google Analytics
A new field is now available for GA4 data sources, "Sessions GA4, session based". This is a Funnel derived metric that calculates Sessions based on the "session_start" event.

The following new fields have been added to the GA4 Standard report.

- Ads clicks
- Ads cost
- Ads impressions

- Google Ads campaign
- Google Ads campaign ID

Additionally, Custom channel group dimensions are now available in all GA4 reports.

New metrics added to the Standard, Conversion and Demographic reports.
- Document Completions
- Document First Quartile Completions
- Document Midpoint Completions
- Document Third Quartile Completions
- Viral Document Completions
- Viral Document First Quartile Completions
- Viral Document Midpoint Completions
- Viral Document Third Quartile Completions
- Download Clicks
- Viral Download Clicks
- Registrations
- Post Click Registrations
- Post View Registrations
- Viral Registrations
- Viral Post Click Registrations
- Viral Post View Registrations

New report types:
- Domain Conversions By Ad
- Geo Fencing by Ad by Target and Conversion Fence
- Keyword Performance by Ad
- Video Interaction by Ad

New fields:
- Domain Name
- Conversion Geo Fence ID
- Conversion Geo Fence Name
- Target Geo Fence ID
- Target Geo Fence Name
- Keyword Reporting Name
- Video Starts
- Video First Quartiles
- Video Midpoints
- Video Third Quartiles
- Video Completes
- Video Fullscreens
- Video Mutes
- Video Unmutes
- Video Pauses
- Video Resumes
- Interstitials
- In Banner
- In Stream Pre Roll
- In Stream Mid Roll
- In Stream Post Roll
- Unknown Type

The following dimensions have been added to our Idealo connector:
- Product
- ProductID
- Category
- Link

The following fields have been deprecated:
- Order Cost
- Completed Order Value
- Processing Order Value
- Revoked Order Value
- Revoking Order Value
- Completed Order Value (shipping included)
- Processing Order Value (shipping included)
- Revoked Order Value (shipping included)
- Revoking Order Value (shipping included)
- Completed Orders
- Processing Orders
- Revoked Orders
- Revoking Orders


Amazon DSP

The following fields have been added to the Campaign report:
- Creative Ad ID

- Homepage Visit Conversions
- Homepage Visit Conversion Views
- Homepage Visit Conversions Clicks
- Purchase Button
- Purchase Button Views
- Purchase Button Clicks
- Thank You Page Conversions
- Thank You Page Conversion Views
- Thank You Page Conversion Clicks
- Viewable Impressions
- Measurable Impressions
- Invalid Impression Rate
- Gross Impressions
- eCPM

Additionally, the following metrics have been added to all report types:
- Order External ID
- Line Item Eternal ID
- Creative Size

Google Ads (AdWords)
Click View Ad ID is now available in the Click View report
The dimension "Asset ID" and the metric "Asset App Installs" have been added to the Standard report on the Asset level
Furthermore, a new report type has been added for users running Hotel booking campaigns, which reports on booked conversions and their commission rates/costs

We have added a new report to AdForm connector: Site Tracking
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