Snowflake - Updated Share Name Structure

Last updated Jun 29 2020 1 minute read

We've just updated the Share Name structure which is set when creating exports from Funnel to Snowflake.

Up until now, Funnel created a new Share for every export called 'accountId__exportId' and a table also called 'accountId__exportId' in schema 'PUBLIC'.

This turned out to be difficult to understand and handle, as an account with multiple exports had multiple shares and tables with long and difficult names.

From now on, new exports will instead get a share and a schema called 'accountId', and the table will be called 'exportId'. This means that an account with multiple exports will get one share and schema, and all of the exports will appear as tables in that schema.

Please note that no actions are required for existing exports and they will continue to behave as before.

If you would like to use the new schema structure, you will need to create new exports. It is also sufficient to duplicate the existing export.

You can learn more about configuring a Snowflake export in this article.

We hope that this update makes it easier to understand your data in Snowflake! If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact and we'll be happy to help.

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