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Subscription admin -  Removing users and accounts

Written by Kim Frithiof
To simplify the admin experience, the remove user and remove account buttons have been moved from a pop-up view to be the list view. This was done to: Reduce the chance of removing a user from the subscription when the intention is to remove the...
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Topics: Admin , Navigation

Single Sign-On via Okta now available!

Written by Kim Frithiof
We have expanded our Single Sign-On (SSO) support with a new Okta application. If you are using Okta, this will allow you to sign in to Funnel without using a username and password. Follow the instructions in the application linked above to get ...
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Topics: New Feature , Admin , Single Sign-On

Improved activity check for admins

Written by Sven Hamberg
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The list of users in the Funnel subscription now shows when each user was last active. This is hopefully helpful in understanding which are your most active Funnel users and which ones might need a nudge! To find the list of users, navigate to "...
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Topics: Admin