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TikTok and Snapchat: Reach and Frequency made easier

We've recently updated the TikTok and Snapchat connectors to make it easier to report on Reach and Frequency (non-aggregatable metrics) on a monthly a...

New and improved Adtraction connector in Funnel

To make it easier to connect and get value from our Adtraction connector, we've made several improvements. Aside from adding several new fields, we've...

Adform: Cost (Fixed Price)

Funnel's Adform connector now supports the metric Cost (Fixed Price). It is available for all reports except the Event report. Please reach out to get...

Pardot: Get all prospects and custom fields

A new report type is available for Pardot which lets you see all prospects and custom fields. Note:additional permissions may be needed for Funnel to ...

Video metric update for Outbrain

We've added 9 new metrics relating to videos for our Outbrain connector. Video Reached First Quarter Video Reached Second Quarter Video Reached Third ...

Indeed connector: major update

The Indeed connector has been updated to retrieve data from the latest Indeed Sponsored Jobs API. Note: Existing sources must be reconnected by April ...

TikTok: Initiate Checkout

Funnel's TikTok connector now supports the metric "Initiate Checkout".What data can I get from TikTok?

The Trade Desk: Data for advertiser only

A new report has been made available for The Trade Desk: "Advertiser ONLY Ad Group Performance Report". This report is available for users with “Adver...

Partnerize: Customer type

Funnel's Partnerize connector now supports the dimension "Customer type". What data can I get from Partnerize?

Track Visits in our Criteo connector

Two new metrics have been added to our Criteo connector:n Cost Per Visit and Visits. All available fields and metrics in our Knowledge base.