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Google Analytics, Yahoo Japan Search, Twitter, Amazon Ads: Updates to fields during June

Written by Johan Hansson
In addition to the changes already posted around "Reach & frequency" for TikTok and Snapchat. Here are additional updates made to reports, metrics, and dimensions for the core connectors in Funnel during June. Google Analytics A suffix has b...
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Topics: Twitter , Google Analytics , Yahoo Japan Search , Amazon Ads

Yahoo Japan Search – new dimensions

Written by Johannes Andreasson
We've added several new metadata dimenssions to our Yahoo Japan Search connector. The following fields are new to the Campaign report. Campaign mobile bid modifier Campaign desktop bid modifier Campaign tabled bid modifier And to the Keyword rep...
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Topics: New Fields , Yahoo Japan Search

Yahoo Japan Search - Non-aggregation metrics on Keyword level

Written by Kim Frithiof
Yahoo Japan Search now supports non-aggregatable metrics on keyword level.  The metrics works with Account, Campaign, Ad group and now the Keyword report. These are the selectable metrics:  Impression share  Quality lost impression share  Search...
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Topics: New Fields , Yahoo Japan Search