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Automatically feed Business-Ready Data from over 500 platforms to Snowflake

Data from all of the platforms your company uses, cleaned and normalized into one table with the full granularity intact.

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Snowflake Connector

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Send your data to Snowflake in 3 simple steps


Link all of your
platforms with Funnel

Generate Business-Ready Data

Clean & transform whilst
preserving raw data

Send to Snowflake

Create high frequency
scheduled exports

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Act quicker and smarter by utilising Business-Ready Data

Why waste time preparing your data for analysis when you could be focusing on higher value activities that really impact the business?

Not only does Funnel automatically collect, clean and group the data from each of your sources, it also exports raw and historic data, so you don’t lose granularity or flexibility. It’s the best of both worlds

Funnel enables you to spend your time improving the data model, mining the data for patterns and the other things you do best and enjoy more!

Let's talk benefits
“It just works in the background and it doesn’t cause any trouble whatsoever. Data is always pulled across in a timely fashion and it's downloaded quickly.”

Roger Fletton, Head of Engineering,
Havas Media UK

Fresh, timely and direct data that’s always ready when you are

The data that Funnel supplies is always fresh and up-to-date. As soon as we pull in new data from your platforms, you immediately see the updated version and changes in Snowflake. There’s no engineering or maintenance required.

You can eliminate all of your data ingest and movement headaches by allowing Funnel to feed the data directly into your Snowflake account.

Want to change the schema? It’s only a click away.

Send your data to Snowflake and other destinations in Parallel

You may be sending your data to Snowflake for storage, but chances are that other people within your organization utilize other tools for analysis, visualization and reporting.

By storing your business logic within Funnel, you can easily send your data to multiple locations simultaneously, without redefining the schema each time or building and managing different connections.

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